A Guide To Simple 1300 Numbers In Australia Summary


– A 1300 wide variety offers your commercial enterprise a standout, professional look

–  Toll loose Numbers enable your clients to name you immediately from everywhere in Australia

– establishment of toll loose numbers entails no cabling or luxurious infrastructure


the important thing benefit of the use of a simple 1300 numbers wide variety is that clients can reach you anywhere in Australia on the cost of a nearby phone name.

A 1300 range lends your small or medium commercial enterprise the appearance of a large, nicely-established employer.

This digital phone wide variety lets in your agency to answer incoming calls on any Australian number (landline, cellular, VoIP) when a purchaser dials in.

It permits your commercial enterprise to anticipate manipulate of incoming calls and direct them wherein you would like almost in actual time.

you could use your 1300 range at any wide variety of different workplace locations and take your range with you anywhere you flow in Australia.

Callers to a simple 1300 numbers variety are greeted professionally with a tailored message. Then, the decision is fast routed based totally on your preferences. customer messages can without problems be transformed into audio files and despatched to your 1ec5f5ec77c51a968271b2ca9862907d as attachments.

Why 1300 toll unfastened numbers rely

A 1300 number is an inexpensive approach of informing clients which you are more than a local employer.  You aren’t perceived as a ‘small commercial enterprise’ just due to the location code prefix of your agency’s landline.

marketing a country wide 1300 wide variety allows make bigger the range of your organization, whilst offering one point of contact to consumers. The elevated capabilities and functionality that it provides in contrast to traditional landlines can take your commercial enterprise to the next level.

Are 1300 numbers unfastened?

1300 numbers are not free to name.

A name to a 1300 quantity from a landline inside Australia might be charged at the local rate. This is mostly a low, untimed fee.

Calls made to simple 1300 numbers  from cellular telephones can be charged to the caller at a timed fee decided through their cellular telephone provider.

what’s going to it fee to get 1300 numbers?


From a starter deal at $15 a month to a very popular $35 a month bundle, plus a excessive quantity deal at $70 in line with month, there is a number of applications from the leading Australian 1300 issuer eVoice.

There are 12 customised functions that eVoice affords along with your virtual telephone wide variety like Voice-to-e-mail, call Announce and Day Routing.

All eVoice 1300 applications encompass these 12 functions at no extra price and permit you to cancel at any time without a contracts.


Is it unfastened to name a 1300 Toll free number?

A call to a 1300 range from a landline within Australia might be charged at the nearby rate. This is mostly a low, untimed price.

Is it free to call a 1300 Toll free quantity from a cellular?

Calls made to 1300 numbers from cell telephones can be charged to the caller at a timed rate decided by using their cell smartphone service.

Is a 1300 range distinctive to an 1800 wide variety?

1300 and 1800 numbers are virtual or inbound numbers. customers can name your commercial enterprise from any Australian landline or cellular. but calls to 1300 numbers from landlines incur charges. cell prices are timed for each kinds of services.

  • In Australia, there are 3 important types of inbound numbers:
  • A 1300 number is a six-digit range prefixed with the aid of 1300.
  • An 1800 variety is a six-digit number prefixed by means of 1800.
  • A 13 wide variety is a four-digit variety prefixed by means of 13.

How soon can i get connected if I want a 1300 number for mycompany?

simple connections with calls answered to your landline or cel may be mounted inside  business days.

you could upload call management capabilities like name Routing, call Announce or name Reporting for your provider afterward.

contact eVoice to talk about what this top Australian 1300 issuer can do for your commercial enterprise: https://au.evoice.com

How do 1300 numbers paintings in Australia?

1300 toll numbers are numbers that may be used anywhere, irrespective of geography (unlike a set telephone line). Inbound calls to these numbers are then directed to a landline or cell service variety.

while a name is positioned to a 1300 variety, the decision enters the community and a search is carried out to discover the applicable routing strategy that applies to the toll quantity.

once the routing strategy is set up, the decision proceeds to its destination. This all happens at once, so the caller doesn’t revel in any postpone.

How can i get a 1300 number?

you can method a business enterprise including eVoice that provides these 1300 numbers. eVoice will provide you with get admission to to the list of to be had inbound numbers, from which you could pick the combination of digits that appeals to you. eVoice will then activate the variety quick.

With eVoice, it’s far a simple, three-step sign-up technique via their website: https://au.evoice.com/store

am i able to port my current 1300 quantity to a exclusive provider?

if you have already got a 1300 wide variety with one telco, you could port it across to any other company presenting you a deal more perfect on your needs.

eVoice can switch or port your current variety. which means no trade in your clients.

can i choose my personal 1300 number?

you could ask your company for a list of available inbound numbers. Then, you can pick your selected 1300 range from the listing – a hard and fast of six digits that follow 1300 that you think fits your enterprise nice and makes it extra memorable to shoppers.

At eVoice, you can select a remarkable new quantity at no additional price. Fill inside the shape on the telco’s internet site or call a consultant that will help you thru the technique.

Can i get a couple of 1300 range for my enterprise?

relying to your wishes, or as your commercial enterprise expands, extra inbound numbers can be allotted to you.

call 1800 122 004 and an eVoice specialist will assist you thru the simple procedure of putting in a brand new 1300 number that complements your business.

If i get a 1300 number, do I should carry throughout my landline and mobile too?

1300 numbers do no longer need to be with the same telecom provider as your different smartphone numbers.

contact eVoice on 1800 122 004 to talk about what ideal package deal they can offer you.

How long does it take to feature call routing or name of completion options to my 1300 number?

simple call Routing techniques like Overflow, Time Routing and make contact with Distribution may be completed for you in only some days.


Upon crowning glory of your connection, you will be provided with login information for the eVoice portal. within the patron portal, you may resort tickets to installation new functions on your account and you may also view how they progress.

Will the 1300 wide variety carrier deliver me greater facts approximately who is calling me?

you may choose from some of unique name reporting packages, or you can personalize a reporting set to fit your enterprise.

eVoice’s analytics reports can display you the geographic locations that your calls are coming from, the times of day whilst human beings are calling, how many calls are being missed, and plenty greater.

eVoice specialises in 1300 numbers in Australia and provides personalised service for any enterprise – be it small, medium or large – seeking assist and advice to avail of the inbound variety facility.

If you may’t find a solution on your specific query above, please call eVoice on 1800 122 004.

How do I ensure all my 1300 calls get replied?

eVoice’s call management features deal with this for you. if your name isn’t spoke back because your answer factor is busy or is going unanswered for a time period, eVoice’s name Overflow feature will ensure the call can then be routed to a 2d solution factor.

If there’s nobody to take the call at your second solution point, their Voice-to-electronic mailemail characteristic acts as a backup in your service. this feature sends your patron’s voice recording as an e mail so that each one of your messages are expecting you to your inbox.

What’s name routing for 1300 numbers?

A name Routing method with a 1300 variety guarantees that your enterprise is always connected to potential customers.

Your phone calls may be redirected based totally on possibilities, the time or day of the call, or geographic location of the decision. If, as an instance, your commercial enterprise has workforce placed remote places, your 1300 range may be installation to be answered in numerous countries across the world

Can my 1300 number be dialled from out of doors Australia?

you will want to investigate which international locations can dial a 1300 number in Australia.  it can work for some countries, whilst it may no longer work for some others.

If a caller can make touch with an Australian simple 1300 numbers  variety from foreign places, they will be charged primarily based on their home community’s charges. they will should dial the foreign places code of their united states, observed by means of the Australian code (61), after which your 1300 range.

What clients say approximately eVoice (previously Zintel)

IT supervisor Michael Fanning, says they have been trying to be price powerful. “We required to make our 1300 number extra value-powerful and to benefit extra perception into our call action. Smart number helped us complete together.”

whilst workplace supervisor Tobey health practitioner liked the buyer support. “eVoice is going well beyond and past any near of buyer service I have ever skilled – and i’ve managed customer support teams for six years. ”


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