Safety Features To Look For When Buying Platform Lifts For Disabled

There was the time when a physically challenged person was unable to do anything. The disabled people were treated like they can’t do anything in their lives. But with time things changed. Now people with disabilities are playing their roles in life and are becoming successful. They have proved that they are more than just the bodies. It is a fact that the disabled people have limits for mobility, but now there are various walking aids and device available out there that allow them to get around without the help of anyone. Piattaforme elevatrici per disabili is one of the devices that enable the disabled to go up and downstairs conveniently.

Importance of safety features:

The disabled people can move quickly and navigate all the areas of the house using the platform lift/wheelchair lift. It is highly essential to pick the right type of platform lift that fits in the space easily. It is also highly significant to choose a wheelchair lift that is loaded with the safety features.

You can install a vertical platform lift in the house, but you should understand that it is not enclosed completely. If you choose an elevator, it is fully enclosed but is a bit expensive. So, you need to take a look at the budget and safety features before deciding what type of wheelchair lift will work for you.

Here are a few safety features one should look for while buying a wheelchair/platform lift:

  • Hand and guardrails:

Safety is the priority whenever you decide to buy a platform lift. Things can become worse if a disabled person is using the wheelchair lift that is not secured at all. Whenever you choose a platform lift, make sure that the hand and guardrails provide a stable handle to hold to prevent falls.

  • Battery Backup:

What would a disabled person do when he is using the platform lift, and the power fails? So, install a platform lift that has the battery backup as well.

  • Emergency alarm:

Imagine you are in the wheelchair lift and the lift being trapped between the floors. There will be no option except getting stressed and waiting for help. Install the platform lift that has the emergency alarm feature so that you could get help in no time.


  • Overload protection:

It is pretty apparent that every lift has a maximum weight capacity. Exceeding the weight capacity can cause the lift to malfunction. The repair cost will be high, and you can’t compromise on the safety of those who are using the lift. So, you need to buy a platform lift with the overload protection feature that has the sensor to detect whenever the load exceeds the maximum weight limit. It temporarily stops the lift from operating.

The platform lift, no doubt, makes it easy for disabled people to navigate all the areas of the building without waiting for someone to help them. But you can’t compromise on the safety of the piattaforme elevatrici per disabili users.

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