How to Disassemble a Pool Table – Pool Table for Sale

Dismounting a pool table and accessories  may be necessary to move the table to another room or outside the house. With most pool tables weighing nearly 454 kilograms, you can significantly lighten the load when moving it down. You can disassemble a pool table properly with the right tools and a little patience. In no time, you’ll be ready to put it back in its new location.

. Use a flathead screwdriver or staple remover to remove the staples from the pocket straps. The pockets will still be in place but the staples will be removed.

Find the proper size socket to remove the bolts from the underside of the rails. Remove the rails and pockets from the table. You can remove the rails in one of three ways, depending on the pool table and accessories : drag them individually; slide them two at a time if there are two sets of horseshoe rails; or turn the rails upside down on the floor in one section if they are all tied underneath. You will probably need an assistant to help you if the rails are all attached in one piece. Remove the pockets of the rails.

Remove the felt from the pool table from the slate base on which it is resting. It will be glued, stapled or a combination of both. Remove staples, if necessary, using a staple remover or a flathead screwdriver and needle nose pliers. Gently lift the felt from the slate. For glued felt, start in any corner of the table and gently pull the felt up with your hands.

Use a screwdriver drill to remove the screws from the top of the slate that hold the slate on the table frame.

. Sometimes the screws are covered with plaster or beeswax, so they can be difficult to spot. Use the flathead screwdriver to remove beeswax or a carbide drill to drill the plaster. Be careful not to drill too much down, otherwise the head of the screws will be stripped. Be sure to remove beeswax or plaster from the screw grooves to allow the screwdriver bit to fit securely. There may also be additional screws next to the center beam.

Turn the frame of the pool table and accessories upside down to remove the feet. Use a wrench to remove the nuts and bolts that hold the feet to the frame.

If you intend to invite a few friends to help you move one, make sure they are in good health (no bad backs or knees) and reward them gently at the end of the job.

Ask two or three people to stand next to each other on one side of the pool table and accessories They will only be able to lift one side of the pool table at a time. If you have more help available, you can

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