Get A Loan For Your Business

Want to get a loan for your business?

Make a sale transaction:

Develop a strategy for the future development of the company?

Then you need an accurate professional assessment of the assets of the enterprise!

The company “ProBiznesOtsenka” offers services of high-quality and reliable property valuation. Depending on your tasks, you can order an assessment of the entire property complex or a specific part of it.

Valuation of an enterprise’s property is the most common procedure in the valuation services market, since each company needs accurate and reliable information regarding the value of its fixed assets and intangible assets in order to properly reflect them in accounting, depreciation and important management decisions.

The property of the enterprise includes real estate, machinery and equipment, intangible assets and securities.

  • Property valuation is necessary for:
  • Completeness and accuracy of accounting
  • Transactions of purchase and sale
  • Renting and leasing
  • Getting the enterprise loan

Development strategies for the further development of the enterprise

Knowing the real market value of the property of the enterprise, it is possible to analyze the management efficiency of the entire company, as well as take measures to improve management efficiency.

Employees of the company “ProBiznesOtsenka” have extensive experience in conducting an assessment of the assets of an enterprise, supported by a good theoretical base and practical skills.

In our property valuation activities, we apply three generally accepted methods: income, cost, and comparative, which allows us to accurately and reliably estimate the value of the object.

Our findings on the valuation of an enterprise’s assets are distinguished by the accuracy, professionalism and validity of all data, which were preceded by a detailed and careful study of all factors affecting the final value of the subject property.

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Features assessment for the court:

In assessing the property of the disputing entities (legal entities, spouses), the appraiser, without standing up on anyone’s side, should determine the value of the property as accurately as possible. The outcome of the trial is largely dependent on the value of the property specified by the appraiser. For example, with the establishment of a value-based property tax, legal proceedings between the taxpayer and the tax inspectorate can be fairly fairly resolved.

Our valuation company is ready to make the most fair, accurate and reliable assessment of property for the court. We are impartial in addressing all issues, providing you with a report on our work, containing correct and relevant to current market conditions, data.

Evaluation for an arbitration court is necessarily performed in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation. Otherwise, the report is null and void. As a rule, the assessment is carried out after the first court hearing, when there is no longer any doubt that there is no confirmed value of the property, or when the price indicated is considered unreasonable.

If the opposite party objects to the results of the assessment, then a counter valuation of the property is made for the arbitration court. High qualification of the appraiser will allow not to doubt the validity of the data specified in the report. Without the support of a professional, a court hearing can give completely different results than expected by company representatives.

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