Family holidays with children in Cleveland. Where to go, what to show the child.

In Cleveland, you can find entertainment for the whole family for all tastes, a must-visit at the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo should be a compulsory item for a family excursion program. This zoo is distinguished not only by its impressive scale, but also by its very beautiful design, huge trees grow on its territory, and luxurious enclosures are equipped for animals.

 Among the inhabitants of the zoo are lions and gorillas, hippos live in a huge artificial pond, and brown bears stroll along one of the spacious enclosures. Guests of the zoo can stroll through its territory on their own or with a guide and complete the excursion with an informative lecture.

With a variety of inhabitants of the underwater world, guests are invited to explore the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. The main visitors of this small aquarium are tourists and locals with children, in the aquarium they can see rare sharks, exotic fish, amphibians and reptiles. The aquarium is very beautifully decorated, it is decorated with artistic illumination and interesting expositions in the marine style.

It will be a pleasure to walk with children through the Cleveland Botanical Garden, it is not at all like the numerous botanical gardens that can be visited in a number of other European cities. The territory of this vast botanical garden is divided into several thematic zones, each of which is devoted to the nature of one of the areas of our planet.

Here there is a so-called desert zone with cacti, and a real tropical forest in which it rains constantly. Another interesting feature of the garden is its inhabitants, it has become home to hundreds of exotic butterflies, birds and turtles, which you will surely enjoy watching children.

A significant part of the plant collection is hidden in a special glazed pavilion, and it is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful surrounding area with many artificial ponds and wooden structures.

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Those who just want to relax in a beautiful natural area, away from the noise of city streets, should visit Rocky River Reservation Park. This park is located on the shore of the lake; its visitors have many opportunities for interesting rest.

In the park you can walk on foot or ride a bike, children really like to feed the birds that swim in the lake. The park has a dedicated area where you can organize a picnic, and there is also a high-class riding center here.

Among the parks of Cleveland, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, which is considered one of the most unusual, is definitely worth noting. This park is private, it is famous for its amazing collection of exotic plants and flowers. Here, children will be able to admire tropical flowers and see for themselves how lemons grow, the owners of the park always welcome visitors and give them very interesting excursions. In addition to exotic plants and flowers, guests of the original park can also see sculptures that are made from recycled waste.

In Cleveland, there are interesting museums that are worth visiting with children, among them the popular Children’s Museum of the Children’s Museum of Cleveland. It looks more like a colorful play center.

this museum is designed to be visited with children from the age of two. The museum offers children to learn the basics of various professions, they can play cooks and learn about how interesting is the profession of archaeologist. For the youngest visitors, there are playgrounds with safe rides, and interesting art lessons for children are held in the museum for children.

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