Methods To Permanently Enlarge The Penis

The idea of having a bigger penis appeals to many men. This has been the case for thousands of years. If you look back through history, you will find that penis size is very important even in many ancient cultures.

That is why the penis enlargement industry is one of the most sought – after. Producing billions of dollars a year, this industry has greatly demonstrated its expertise. Men all over the world enjoy having their confidence back and all that comes with a bigger penis.

You might be convinced that your penis is not big enough to satisfy your lover. You are probably right. If you do not think your penis is big, then it is not big enough for your lover.

You may, as a result, suffer a general lack of confidence when you make love to your partner, and this lack of confidence often leads to poor bed performance, which only aggravates the problem and creates feelings of confusion. insufficient. One could be brought to problems in the relation because these feelings take root and deepen. Have you been rejected because of the small size of your penis? I know guys that happened to them.


When the feeling of being an unsatisfied lover dominates you, it leads to a lack of willingness to have sex that your wife can interpret as a sexual rejection. This would lead to further misunderstandings about sex and relationship and would often lead to serious problems between you and your lover.


The adult entertainment industry is full of advertisements for products and programs to enlarge the penis . Products include pumps, expanders, pills, Enlargement cream for men and sprays that claim they will produce penis growth. Some of these claims are scandalous. Below we will discuss some methods to enlarge penis currently available.

Before you start … Is Penis enlarged without danger?

The enlargement of the natural penis is safe and very effective. Choose the right method and you can lead a healthy and happy sex life.

Enlarge Penis with Penis Extender

Enlarge Penis with Penis ExtenderThe penis extender has really left its mark on the industry. While the device has existed for a long time, it was only when internet marketing came into play that it really took steps forward. It is easily the method of enlarging the best-selling penis of the market.


Using a traction device is very eay. You put the device on the penis, set the sidebars and then you forget it. Normally, you will wear the device for at least six hours a day. Most people like to wear them at work and then relax at home without using it.

The device applies constant pressure on the penis. This pressure makes the penis widen as it learns to lie down to cope with the pressure.

The results with the traction device may vary. Most people report a permanent increase of 5-7 cm. Yet this does not happen overnight. You can expect to see the final results after about six months .

Traction devices are methods based on natural penis augmentation techniques and are far superior to traditional enlargement procedures, any of these stretching techniques will be even more effective when used as part of a powerful penis supplement – hence the need for the best pill to enlarge the penis.

Enlarge penis with pills to enlarge penis

Enlarge penis with pills to enlarge penisIn the last decade, there have been dozens of competing brands of pills that market a male increase to increase the size of your penis. You may have already noticed the greedy claims made by many of these suppliers, I’m sure. They can sometimes be completely outrageous! The scammers will tell you exactly what you want to hear … but it’s just as easy to choose a pill supplier that deserves your attention.


One of the biggest problems faced by someone looking for penis enlargement pills is the large number of scam sites waiting for someone who lacks self-confidence to fall on them. Find the wrong product and you are responsible not only for disappointing yourself, but your lover too, so be sure to look for all the possible information about the pills to enlarge the penis you want to buy.

The penis pills that exist in the market today are formulated herbal supplements. Not to be confused with previous marketed pills that were nothing but sugar pills. The new generation is a very good mix of natural plants and other elements that work in the body.

The increase in penis size with penis enlargement pills occurs inside the penis itself. Rooms that house blood for an erection are the main targets. If they can be enlarged then the penis will be larger during an erection.

The time period during which you can take a pill to enlarge your penis varies, ranging from two months to possibly a year. The standard time is usually between three and six months, so by taking the pill regularly, you should immediately see improvements in the size and performance of your penis. Another positive aspect, and since no one wants to wait long until the exercise or the device to enlarge the penis finally begins to show results, it is with a pill to increase the penis you can get your results faster and start enjoying your bed time much sooner.

Penis enlargement pills are one of the most recognized and widely used forms of male augmentation available today. There are a number of penis enlargement pills available on the market today, and the best of them are made entirely of herbs and are over-the-counter. You do not have to queue at any pharmacy or face the embarrassment of dealing with a pharmacy technician who is filling your prescription.

In fact, you can order your pills through our website, which aims to give our customers total privacy; that allows you to order from the comfort of your home and have your pills delivered directly to your door in a discreet package and without anyone around to realize it. To do this, click on the yellow button link.

Enlarge Penis with Penile Exercises

Enlarge Penis with Penile ExercisesLes_ exercises to enlarge the penis are proven to be one of the best, safest and most effective penis enlargement methods. This is the most common thing. They are looking for something that is simply the best possible solution to the deal and many find it true.

The exercises are perfect for those who do not want to use supplements or traction devices. They are safe, quite natural and have shown to increase the penis by up to 5 cm.

This is an impressive number if you consider the idea that an average penis is 13 cm and that when you add the 5 cm, you will be well above average.

The most advisable is to join an exercise program to enlarge the penis. There is nothing to gain by just going out and trying to find the right exercise or even worse, just starting to shoot your limb. This will not be the best idea because you could seriously damage it if you are not careful.

The only problem with exercises is that they are very complicated to do every day. You should do them every day, preferably twice a day, for about 30 to 40 minutes each, for at least five to six months. Without thinking of discouraging you, it must be said that more than 90% of men give up before reaching 60 days and without results at all.

Enlarge penis with patches to enlarge the penis

With some new features, it is now easier than ever to get supplements to enlarge the penis. This is the new patch system for penis enlargement. Using this system has proven that you can safely and effectively enlarge your penis without much hassle in the meantime.

Penis enlargement patches use the new transdermal supplement delivery system. The patch is applied on the skin and the supplement is in the patch. This causes the supplements to seep into the bloodstream through the skin. However, its effectiveness is not as good as the penis pills. It is recommended only for those who can not take tablets.

Enlarge the Penis with Pumps to Enlarge the Penis

Penis pumps are a simple device that has been around for a long time. Using this kind of device has never really been popular, but they are still on sale.

Enlarge the penis with attached weight to the penisThe weight suspension can be dated to thousands of years. This is simply the stretching of the penis by applying weights that are hung at the end. Well, it’s not a good idea, science has proven that it’s very dangerous.


Never hang weight because there is the possibility that the penis is suffering from damage, and in addition it could make your penis thin, which is bad news for someone looking to improve their sex life.

Enlarge Penis with Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery has long been considered a bad idea. The fact is that doctors can not guarantee an increase of 3 cm for a cost of € 10,000, the increase of 3 cm is not worth it. It is best to stick to the natural forms that make the 5 and 7 cm possible for a fraction of the cost of surgery to increase the penis.

Penis enlargement with Hypnosis

There are many things you could do for hypnosis. If you are looking to stop smoking, then hypnosis can be a good idea. The same is true if you are experiencing a kind of depression. But do not look for this kind of treatment for penis enlargement.

There are several places that are trying to sell CDs that are supposed to enlarge your penis through positive thinking. Think positive and save your money for a proven method.

Enlarge the Penis with Gels and Creams to Enlarge the Penis

Gels and creams for penis enlargement are another poor choice for enlargement. Even if they make great promises, no variety has proven to be able to enlarge your penis. Most companies that sell this kind of products guarantee the results but the time required for an effective and permanent increase is very high. These products are only recommended for those who can not take pills to enlarge the penis.

Which Methods to Enlarge the Penis?

Which Methods to Enlarge the Penis?The penis extender is one of the best options because of research support and medical history. For best results, the combination of the penis extender with other methods, such as penis enlargement pills, is recommended as this will speed up growth and increase the size of the penis quickly.

Based on my own experience and the research I’ve done about the best penis enlargement methods currently available on the market, I would say the best and fastest way to increase the size and circumference of your penis is without a doubt, a combination of a good pill to enlarge the penis and a penis extender at the same time.

If you want to know the best products to increase the penis, the ones we recommend, click on the link in the yellow square. The products we recommend are all effective. Do not be fooled by miraculous promises!

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