Car Rental In Croatia: 10 Tips For Renting At The Best Price Without A Bad Surprise

How to make a car rental in Croatia? If you want to book a rental car in Croatia, some practical tips should be helpful to avoid any unpleasant surprises. What are the precautions to take when booking your car in Croatia? What assurances are needed or recommended?

Car rental in Croatia is not necessarily complicated, but can be tricky. To book your car rental in Croatia, start by asking yourself the right questions. Indeed, given the regulations in Croatia (at least until July 1, 2013, date of its integration into the European Union), vigilance is required compared to the insurance to which you must subscribe on your behalf, especially if in your self-drive tour in Croatia, you plan to leave Croatian borders for excursions or to take ferries.

Note that to rent a rental car in Croatia, you must have a national (or sometimes international) driving license for at least 2 years and be over 21 years old .

Car rental in Croatia: insurance

»What insurance needs according to my project?

This is the first question to ask because the price of car rental in Croatia varies a lot from one agency to another, local or international, depending on the insurance you will have to subscribe to meet your needs.

Tip : Integrate exit and ferry insurance when you book , even if your needs are not fully determined or your route plan is not developed. In fact, the insurance of exit from the territory to cross the borders of the neighboring countries or to transit in these countries is an option and not a default insurance. At least most car rental agencies in Croatia do not include this option and charge it either in the form of taxes or insurance. You must therefore subscribe during your pre-booking or reservation. If you book your rental car on site, do not forget to ask for this authorization.

picto attentionWarning ! If this request for insurance was not made when booking, it is rare to change the insurance! So it’s at the time of booking and not after that you have to add the exit options of the territory and ferry borrowings. These options can be billed by most international travel agencies.

Car rental in Croatia: when to book?

Is it better to book in advance on the internet or wait to arrive in Croatia to rent a car?

I recommend booking in advance (at least 6-8 weeks before) and booking online through:

1 – a local agent (to benefit from advice and a single contact) or a Croatian site (in accordance with the regulations and bilateral agreements with neighboring countries)

»Ask for a quote from three local agencies to better compare

2 – any car rental site with the risk of you being charged extra fees if they are international agencies

3 – a brocker, comparator, travel agency where you read the terms of use and detailed sales and verified the insurance included in the price.

In any case, pay using your credit card as most have specific insurance in case of problems of deductibles improperly collected or litigation during Internet transactions. Please note that you will also always be required to give a full credit card number to be allowed to pick up the vehicle.

If you are waiting to arrive at the airport to choose your car rental in Croatia especially if you land in Dubrovnik, the risk of not finding a car will be very high in high season (July and August), smaller in June or September. Out of season, this risk is non-existent.

The prices will be last minute prices and will probably be (much) higher compared to the internet rates, because the rental agencies are well aware that you absolutely need a car and then you will have to pay the price to access to this benefit. Croatia’s airports are small and the agencies are not very numerous. Competition is therefore limited and generates some price alignment.

Prices are more expensive from an airport because of the taxes to be paid back. Prices may also be surcharged when one vehicle is taken in one city and returned to another.

When traveling, anticipation often offers better offers than last-minute requests . You can get discounts of 20 to 35% depending on the agency by booking several months in advance. Local agencies and international agencies on Croatian territory have (almost) always (say in 90% of cases) more expensive offers in direct and last minute, than those that can be offered on international brockers like Autoeurope, Rentalcars, on comparisons like Skycanner, Momondo for top performers and Croatian sites like Adriagate.

Booking or pre-booking via the internet allows you to compare the many offers of agencies both local and international quickly and in a few clicks . Booking centers and agency sites compete fiercely and prices often vary from one minute to the next (at least in the 10 to 15 min interval) for the same application on the same site according to the principle of IP Tracking more and more developed by the sites. Therefore, a price observed at a time T will not necessarily be the same 10 min later and it is therefore useful to know to enter an offer if it seems interesting.

picto white eye

What is IP Tracking?

Many transport, airline, car rental and bus companies use the IP tracking system, ie they consult and spy on your searches from the IP communicated by your computer. , to change the prices of offers and convince you to buy your tickets as quickly as possible to avoid paying more. Make a test: it happens that a ticket price for the same day sees its price vary from several euros or sometimes tens of euros in 10 or 20 minutes. The price increase must imply that you have an interest in making a reservation, otherwise the price will be even more expensive. To avoid seeing prices flare in a few tens of minutes, do your research immediately or from computers or media (smartphone,

How to avoid IP Trancking? : Consult our tips to optimize your search and find the best prices

»5 tips for renting a car at the best price on the internet

Pay attention to the price changes for your car rental in Croatia!

But why are the prices of car rental in Croatia so fast? You will be able to quickly check the technique of the booking centers and agencies sites, because their strategy is the same as that operated for air tickets: it is not only the period that affects the price but a whole set of criteria such as the time of booking, the volume of bookings already made, etc. The practice of yield management is important in this sector, which explains why travelers see prices vary significantly. So when the number of reservations increases, the price increases accordingly. Other tools are also involved such as IP tracking, a strategy that is at the service of the famous yield management, since the visitors are identified on the basis of their IP and once they return to carry out a search on the site, the price which will be proposed to them will be higher than during their previous search.

Car rental in Croatia: rates

»How to find the best price?

On the internet, there are offers from 20/25 € off season for a small car and 30-35 € for a medium or economic car. Prices exceed 45 € and even 55 € in high season , or last minute!

In spite of the yield management practices, it is very likely that a reservation by internet, a fortiori very anticipated (several months in advance) is more advantageous than a reservation on the spot .

In the same way, you will often be able to obtain better pricing conditions for a reservation via a booking center for rental intermediaries such as Autoeurope , Argus, Autoescape, Cardelmar and Rentcar, since these sites offer very competitive offers thanks to booking volume on dozens or hundreds of car rental agencies.

adriagate car rental in croatiaParadoxically, car rental in Croatia by local agencies is not always cheaper , because the conditions of insurance for transits and border crossings depend on bilateral agreements between Croatia and neighboring countries. All from the explosion of Yugoslavia, this explains the delicate relations on the agreements; peace has not erased relational difficulties and induces certain complications or blockages. On the other hand, the Croatian interlocutors will be more competent on the questions of the insurances and will be able to propose you a bespoke service, since they will be on the spot and will be able to better assist you in case of problem. It is sometimes better to pay a little more, but to take advantage of this type of advantage.

Car rental in Croatia without risk

»What precautions to avoid unpleasant surprises?

How to book a rental car without risk? Opt for a travel agency or a local rental agency, who knows the law of the country perfectly and will make you an offer corresponding to your needs. Otherwise, if you prefer online bookings, call reservation centers immediately to check the details of your offer and the contract with a contact person and inform the lessor or intermediary that you need to cross a border and what are the conditions ? These conditions apply only to the rental agency; each doing his idea.

Precautions for rentals from Venice or from Italy?

WarningDespite Croatia’s entry into the EU, it is still technically impossible to rent a car from Venice and cross the borders of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. The crossing is only possible for a rental from a border country and generally under conditions so plan a rental only from Croatia if you have to go to Bosnia and Montenegro, or simply reach Dubrovnik by land.

What are the customs formalities for transit in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

How to cross the border Croatia / Bosnia Neum / Klek without wasting too much time?

Car rental in Croatia: models and brands

»Which vehicles can you cheap car rental  for your stay in Croatia?

Contrary to popular belief, not all models or makes of cars can be rented in Croatia , if you have to transit or go to Bosnia and Herzegovina or Montenegro even for a few minutes or hours. Most, especially international agencies, prohibit transit to sports cars or high-end vehicles brands Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc.

Car rental in Croatia: 10 commandments

Check all rental conditions, insurance included and read the terms and conditions of sale that you have through a specific rental agency or an intermediary site. Read your contract after receipt or before taking the vehicle!

Always take insurance to cross the borders (Bosnia, Montenegro etc.) and an offer authorizing the borrowing of ferries : it is not automatic! Call for insurance to cross borders without problems or check that the renter has given you all!

It is often better to pay a little more but to benefit from a clear and engaging offer.

Prefer car rental offers in Croatia in casco : despite a price difference often significant, this insurance covers a large number of damages, problems, damage and the risk of theft. If there is exit of borders or borrowing of ferries, this offer will be the most indicated.

A local agent if possible francophone (even if they are rare) will be able to inform you on the legislation of the country and will assist you in the country if need

An intermediate site no longer incurs liability once the reservation is finalized and your remedies will be limited if not impossible if a problem arises.

Beware of very (too much) low prices , because in general, the hirers who practice the most competitive prices do not necessarily allow the crossing of borders.

Anticipate and book well before your departure  (at least 6 to 8 weeks, but not 6 months or more before): the prices will be more advantageous if you leave in high season

When picking up the vehicle, before leaving with your rental car, inspect the vehicle well and report the scratches , various problems identified so that they appear on the report. Require the renter to make a serious report and take pictures of anything that seems suspicious before taking if the landlord refuses to note what you report

Do not forget your national or international license ?

Finally, note that most credit cards also include useful insurance in case of contestation of franchise, problem or scam. Paying with your credit card can be very advantageous. In any case, it is MANDATORY to give a credit card number to the lessor before taking in case a deductible should be taken.

What are the conditions for renting a car in Croatia?

pictogram-stop.jpgReminder : to cheap rent a car in Croatia you must be at least 21 years old (or sometimes 25 years old) , have a national or international license for more than 2 years (2 years and one day in theory). The international license is not obligatory, can be claimed but the national license is generally accepted without difficulty. The passport is no more obligatory although it is often the most commonly requested part to establish the contract. It is sufficient to present the valid national identity card of the driver (s).

Car rental in Croatia: Which renter to cross the borders?

Specialized intermediary agency on Croatia

Our Recommendation; ADRIAGATE website

Adriagate is a reliable site, easy to use, based in Croatia and French speaking. Its prices are very competitive and all the useful insurances are included by default

»Adriagate specialized website on Croatia offering car rental deals in Croatiaincluding insurance (ferries, border crossing), up to -30% compared to the prices of international banners. Although it is an intermediate site, it remains very relevant because itintegrates directly and free most of the optional conditionsin default international agencies, so there is no need to peel the contract as on all international price comparator or broker offers. Is it safe to rent a car in Croatia with Adriagate? Adriagate is a very serious agency that combines a high rate of satisfaction. The fact that it is specialized in Croatia allows it to include exit insurance in its offers, while often they are proposed by default or not considered … Another advantage: in case of error on the invoicing of cross-border taxes by the agencies, Adriagate settles the dispute and reimburses the amounts improperly invoiced! A guarantee that international agencies will never offer.

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