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Generally, the trip is to provide the minimum of well-being, regardless of the means of transport. We have tried every means to perfect its course, but nothing works if the transport is poorly adapted or if comfort is completely lacking. That is why tourism professionals have developed.

Generally, the trip is to provide the minimum of well-being, regardless of the means of transport. We have tried every means to perfect its course, but nothing helps if the transport is poorly adapted or if comfort is completely lacking. That is why tourism professionals have developed the VTC to move Best adventure recommendation for luxury travelers, that they are tourists or simple adventurers. It is a tool that is currently better coveted to not have to deal with many problems when you’re on the move. It offers a lot of benefits with its valuable service qualities.

Individual transport par excellence

The vtc or the passenger car with driver has all the assets to be a service worthy of the environment of the IIIrd Millennium. It is undoubtedly obvious that this process offers its customers multiple services very comfortable and well deserved. Whether traveling alone or in a group, it is always operational with a luxury car fleet that makes it easy for customers to choose. Its availability is unlimited and can be used at any time and for any destination, provided the offers allow it. Moreover, all professionals who work within the service can offer the best of themselves on behalf of loyal subscribers and customers. They demonstrate their know-how to be at the top of their activity.

The usefulness of a VTC

At present, the VTC is an activity quite modern and accessible to more demanding customers. The reservation can be done online, driver included of course. It is an activity that opens with many proposals and takes into account the circumstances. The tourist has to choose on the type of car that can please him, but especially within the scope of his purse. In any case, he would already be aware of the proposed rental rate. Payment is through banks or online systems. In short, this platform of tourist activities is a service that appropriates qualities to attract and sublimate the most customers. All that is required is for the latter to get involved in finding the desired pleasure and comfort.

The report of the quality on the price

You can always prepare in advance before implementing your tourism project. This preparation is geared towards budgetary availability because it is about time and duration. In fact, the vtc has a certain similarity with the taxi system on the principle of transport. For rental, the customer expects a fixed price that is far from being conditioned by the course. As for the taxi, it is the distance and the duration of the trip which determine the price to pay.

For the VTC, it is best to book the rental a few days before departure. This is an opportunity to save some money. The rate visibly decreases if you book in advance. A small downside however: the fluctuation of the rate depends on the characteristics of the course as well as taxes. So we have to see more closely the budget to allocate for this purpose.

Family holidays with children in Cleveland. Where to go, what to show the child.

In Cleveland, you can find entertainment for the whole family for all tastes, a must-visit at the Cleveland Metro Parks Zoo should be a compulsory item for a family excursion program. This zoo is distinguished not only by its impressive scale, but also by its very beautiful design, huge trees grow on its territory, and luxurious enclosures are equipped for animals.

 Among the inhabitants of the zoo are lions and gorillas, hippos live in a huge artificial pond, and brown bears stroll along one of the spacious enclosures. Guests of the zoo can stroll through its territory on their own or with a guide and complete the excursion with an informative lecture.

With a variety of inhabitants of the underwater world, guests are invited to explore the Greater Cleveland Aquarium. The main visitors of this small aquarium are tourists and locals with children, in the aquarium they can see rare sharks, exotic fish, amphibians and reptiles. The aquarium is very beautifully decorated, it is decorated with artistic illumination and interesting expositions in the marine style.

It will be a pleasure to walk with children through the Cleveland Botanical Garden, it is not at all like the numerous botanical gardens that can be visited in a number of other European cities. The territory of this vast botanical garden is divided into several thematic zones, each of which is devoted to the nature of one of the areas of our planet.

Here there is a so-called desert zone with cacti, and a real tropical forest in which it rains constantly. Another interesting feature of the garden is its inhabitants, it has become home to hundreds of exotic butterflies, birds and turtles, which you will surely enjoy watching children.

A significant part of the plant collection is hidden in a special glazed pavilion, and it is surrounded by an incredibly beautiful surrounding area with many artificial ponds and wooden structures.

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Those who just want to relax in a beautiful natural area, away from the noise of city streets, should visit Rocky River Reservation Park. This park is located on the shore of the lake; its visitors have many opportunities for interesting rest.

In the park you can walk on foot or ride a bike, children really like to feed the birds that swim in the lake. The park has a dedicated area where you can organize a picnic, and there is also a high-class riding center here.

Among the parks of Cleveland, Rockefeller Park Greenhouse, which is considered one of the most unusual, is definitely worth noting. This park is private, it is famous for its amazing collection of exotic plants and flowers. Here, children will be able to admire tropical flowers and see for themselves how lemons grow, the owners of the park always welcome visitors and give them very interesting excursions. In addition to exotic plants and flowers, guests of the original park can also see sculptures that are made from recycled waste.

In Cleveland, there are interesting museums that are worth visiting with children, among them the popular Children’s Museum of the Children’s Museum of Cleveland. It looks more like a colorful play center.

this museum is designed to be visited with children from the age of two. The museum offers children to learn the basics of various professions, they can play cooks and learn about how interesting is the profession of archaeologist. For the youngest visitors, there are playgrounds with safe rides, and interesting art lessons for children are held in the museum for children.

Refueling of Car

You can refuel both in cash and in plastic. Always fill up to full – it’s easier than explaining how much you need. In addition, in the United States gallons, not liters. The process of refueling is this: you go into the store (there are almost all the refueling with the store) you call the column, leave money (50-100 bucks) or plastic and go to refuel. Then you come back and get the change or sign the check. You can refuel for example 10, 15, 20 dollars – this is how you please.

In addition, there are gas stations with a built-in terminal. I drove up, ran the map, and chose the right kind of Benz (hose on all one) and refuel. But in this case, one dollar is charged for authorizing the card, and then the rest. If I could not refuel the first time (I had this at night in Death Valley), we can assume that the dollar was donated to the owner of the gas station. Of course, there is a monitor with tips, but … So if there is a payment option through a cashier, it is better to use it, although when you get used to it, then the card is much more convenient and easier.

Even on some gas stations, near the columns there are buckets with a solution and a brush for wiping glasses. A very convenient and necessary thing, because there are no rags in the cabin in order to wipe the glass in case something happens (although this is of course a bother, and there are often napkins). Speaking of dubious things … DO NOT LEAVE a car under a tree or a lantern on the embankment. With me there were two cases. First, when I left the car at the outlet near the tree. Not much, but the birds did their job and on the front and side windows were unpleasant swept away. And if from the windshield it is all washed off by the “wipers”, then a gas station has helped out from the side, since it was just necessary to go to refuel.

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But the second time … Reaching Santa Barbara, I was looking for parking along the waterfront. Seeing the free space, he quickly took it, not even paying attention to the fact that it was near the post. To say that a gull poked at the car is to say nothing!!! Auto so about … whether that if it were not with a wet wipes, I had to go buy them! Handles, doors, roof, hood, glass – EVERYTHING!!! There was no time to call in to the car wash and I frantically recalled the English words and thought out how to explain to me why I rent a car in this way! BUT…

After the trip

The process of taking the car takes a couple of minutes and, if it happens at a point near the airport, the shuttle takes you to the desired terminal (the driver specifies who flies what flight and announces the desired terminal on arrival). Nobody will particularly consider the car itself. They will look at the mileage and performance of the instrument panel, consider the bar code, look into the salon so that you do not forget things and wish you a happy journey. Dirty car (see above, the gulls tried …) handed over, no one said a word. Then several times he drew attention to the fact that the Arabians do not even throw out paper wrappers, paper and other garbage from it. With me, people handed over the car, and on the floor of the front passenger seat there was a dump – pieces of paper, some boxes, one and a half … No questions asked. Specify whether you left things and pick up the car, and you wish a happy journey. This is how this process happens.

And then, got on the shuttle and to the airport for registration.

I hope my story will help you in planning a trip