About Facebook and news feed complexity

Each page of a company, brand, or celebrity on Facebook is committed to ensuring that all its new posts get into the tape. But after all, each user views a limited number of posts per day. Therefore, competition for viewing and audience coverage is growing every day. And then the social network itself throws firewood into the fire: the rules for issuing and displaying posts change almost every month. Over the year, the number of pages that the average buy Facebook likes user likes has grown by more than 50%.

The excessive flow of content and the limited information space in the Facebook feed led to the fact that now began a hard filtering of posts according to the principle of relevance to the interests and likes of the user himself. And the monetization of the news feed came into force – and now we increasingly see paid posts instead of those that really interest us. Sometimes this situation leads to scandalous decisions of brands and startups to leave the buy Facebook likes information space (as happened recently with the Eat24 food delivery service).

The situation with content filtering in favor of paid promotion certainly makes a lot of people and brands angry. They can be understood: the long work on nurturing the audience and attracting attention to posts has become a need to increase advertising costs. Moreover, now such advertising brings more and more irrelevant audience. Organic coverage from paid posts often does not change, as a result, page administrators feel that they simply took the money, but they did not get any quality feedback.

The problem here is not only in working with the audience and in excessive monetization, which Mark Zuckerberg and the team began to preach from recently. The issuance of news also changed in the tape.

The problem of content filtering in the tape

Over time, people add more and more users as friends, they like more and more pages – naturally, while keeping time for content consumption at the same level. up Facebook likes says that the average user in the tape sees up to 1.5 thousand posts, and for those who have many friends and brands in the tape, this number per day can grow to 15 thousand. You understand that only a couple of hundred posts can be maximum read per day, even if you constantly sit on Facebook.

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