Safety Features To Look For When Buying Platform Lifts For Disabled

There was the time when a physically challenged person was unable to do anything. The disabled people were treated like they can’t do anything in their lives. But with time things changed. Now people with disabilities are playing their roles in life and are becoming successful. They have proved that they are more than just the bodies. It is a fact that the disabled people have limits for mobility, but now there are various walking aids and device available out there that allow them to get around without the help of anyone. Piattaforme elevatrici per disabili is one of the devices that enable the disabled to go up and downstairs conveniently.

Importance of safety features:

The disabled people can move quickly and navigate all the areas of the house using the platform lift/wheelchair lift. It is highly essential to pick the right type of platform lift that fits in the space easily. It is also highly significant to choose a wheelchair lift that is loaded with the safety features.

You can install a vertical platform lift in the house, but you should understand that it is not enclosed completely. If you choose an elevator, it is fully enclosed but is a bit expensive. So, you need to take a look at the budget and safety features before deciding what type of wheelchair lift will work for you.

Here are a few safety features one should look for while buying a wheelchair/platform lift:

  • Hand and guardrails:

Safety is the priority whenever you decide to buy a platform lift. Things can become worse if a disabled person is using the wheelchair lift that is not secured at all. Whenever you choose a platform lift, make sure that the hand and guardrails provide a stable handle to hold to prevent falls.

  • Battery Backup:

What would a disabled person do when he is using the platform lift, and the power fails? So, install a platform lift that has the battery backup as well.

  • Emergency alarm:

Imagine you are in the wheelchair lift and the lift being trapped between the floors. There will be no option except getting stressed and waiting for help. Install the platform lift that has the emergency alarm feature so that you could get help in no time.


  • Overload protection:

It is pretty apparent that every lift has a maximum weight capacity. Exceeding the weight capacity can cause the lift to malfunction. The repair cost will be high, and you can’t compromise on the safety of those who are using the lift. So, you need to buy a platform lift with the overload protection feature that has the sensor to detect whenever the load exceeds the maximum weight limit. It temporarily stops the lift from operating.

The platform lift, no doubt, makes it easy for disabled people to navigate all the areas of the building without waiting for someone to help them. But you can’t compromise on the safety of the piattaforme elevatrici per disabili users.

Starting Out In The Music Industry – Here Are Great Music Promotion Tips

Are you thinking to be a part of the music industry? You do not need to worry, free music promotion will get you out there, and this post has everything you have to be familiar with on music promotion. Years ago, music promotion was quite hard due to the lack of helpful platforms to promote new music.

Tips That Can Help You Promote Your Music:

Today, with the development of the net, much can be completed to make music promotion a stroll in the park. Whether you start off as a band or an independent music performer, it is equally significant to sell the name to get listeners and a fan base. The following instructions will assist you to promote the music and make a huge impact in the music industry:

  • Create the brand name, make use of a label or name that’ll catch the fans as well as promote the music. Be original and creative; select a meaningful and decent name that won’t make controversies about your character or personality.
  • Spend some in the music; you do not need to be a millionaire to start off in the music industry. Time is the significant investment as your commitment to the work will decide how far you go, always keep in mind that the time is money.
  • Make free samples of the music for the fans; choose the best of your songs as they’ll make the first impression to the audience. Perform at shows free of charge, as publicity is the key to accomplishment in the music promotion.
  • Make contacts; you have to have more friends who are dominant in the industry, it will allow you the chances to perform at events as well as curtain raise for the established performer.
  • Find out what your fans desire; comprehending the audience provides you the way to take and revivify your creativity ensuring a fresh style each time you perform on stage.
  • Keep in mind to be smart in the planning, use relatives and friends to promote your band or music. The more they tell others about the music, the more you get the music perceived.
  • Set aside some money for expert music promoters as you require a knowledgeable pro for free music promotion in the industry. Keep in mind that the cheap is expensive, so do not be miserly instead spend money in quality.
  • Social networking is an additional extremely significant tool as the today’s world is a global village; make fan pages on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and some other websites with millions of consumers who’ll, in turn, offer you feedback on the music as well increase your sales. When you are using the different online platforms, you first have to understand how to utilize them effectively so as to maximize your coverage level as well as draw millions of listeners.
  • Keeping a trustworthy image provides you class in the music industry. Being as an example surely goes a long way.

Refueling of Car

You can refuel both in cash and in plastic. Always fill up to full – it’s easier than explaining how much you need. In addition, in the United States gallons, not liters. The process of refueling is this: you go into the store (there are almost all the refueling with the store) you call the column, leave money (50-100 bucks) or plastic and go to refuel. Then you come back and get the change or sign the check. You can refuel for example 10, 15, 20 dollars – this is how you please.

In addition, there are gas stations with a built-in terminal. I drove up, ran the map, and chose the right kind of Benz (hose on all one) and refuel. But in this case, one dollar is charged for authorizing the card, and then the rest. If I could not refuel the first time (I had this at night in Death Valley), we can assume that the dollar was donated to the owner of the gas station. Of course, there is a monitor with tips, but … So if there is a payment option through a cashier, it is better to use it, although when you get used to it, then the card is much more convenient and easier.

Even on some gas stations, near the columns there are buckets with a solution and a brush for wiping glasses. A very convenient and necessary thing, because there are no rags in the cabin in order to wipe the glass in case something happens (although this is of course a bother, and there are often napkins). Speaking of dubious things … DO NOT LEAVE a car under a tree or a lantern on the embankment. With me there were two cases. First, when I left the car at the outlet near the tree. Not much, but the birds did their job and on the front and side windows were unpleasant swept away. And if from the windshield it is all washed off by the “wipers”, then a gas station has helped out from the side, since it was just necessary to go to refuel.

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But the second time … Reaching Santa Barbara, I was looking for parking along the waterfront. Seeing the free space, he quickly took it, not even paying attention to the fact that it was near the post. To say that a gull poked at the car is to say nothing!!! Auto so about … whether that if it were not with a wet wipes, I had to go buy them! Handles, doors, roof, hood, glass – EVERYTHING!!! There was no time to call in to the car wash and I frantically recalled the English words and thought out how to explain to me why I rent a car in this way! BUT…

After the trip

The process of taking the car takes a couple of minutes and, if it happens at a point near the airport, the shuttle takes you to the desired terminal (the driver specifies who flies what flight and announces the desired terminal on arrival). Nobody will particularly consider the car itself. They will look at the mileage and performance of the instrument panel, consider the bar code, look into the salon so that you do not forget things and wish you a happy journey. Dirty car (see above, the gulls tried …) handed over, no one said a word. Then several times he drew attention to the fact that the Arabians do not even throw out paper wrappers, paper and other garbage from it. With me, people handed over the car, and on the floor of the front passenger seat there was a dump – pieces of paper, some boxes, one and a half … No questions asked. Specify whether you left things and pick up the car, and you wish a happy journey. This is how this process happens.

And then, got on the shuttle and to the airport for registration.

I hope my story will help you in planning a trip